The Bigger The Hunger The Deeper The Cut.

#alshetzwartishebjenog5minuten, W139, 2016  The Ballroom, Karspeldreef 4, 2018

A.k.a. Artgang A.k.a. The Love Movement A.k.a. BIMSposse A.k.a. Creative Studio 1104

A stage for Living, Loving and Working

We are a group of makers from all/different walks of life who found each other in a locale/neighbourhood in Amsterdam: De Bijlmer. We have been doing projects together for many years and through that have build a practice that we tend to refer to as an art of living (Robert Filliou. Teaching And Learning As Performing Arts). We gather in diverse places and various constellations to create and live together. Be it in an exhibition, a radio show, a festival, a concert, a publication or a banquet. By coming together and learning from each other we change our perspectives and prejudices within the different projects we initiate and contribute to in various ways.

We all have our individual (art) practices, yet we seek to generate convivial temporary autonomous zones that we can claim ours without putting up hierarchies or distinctions between the disciplines we work in and at the same time attempt not to estrange or exclude ourselves from the everyday world we live in. That is to say that we endeavour to cooperate, appreciate and trust, be real, imaginative and generous and through that create room(s) for action and freedom with everyone who wants to join. Hence, it is impossible to delineate the group of people that accompanies and becomes ‘us’. As one can see in the portfolio of recent projects the group is petite at times and at other times extended, yet the smaller and larger ‘we’ always combine their skills and practices to put things in motion and in that aim to enthuse many more. In previous projects we have built bridges between disciplines and people and fostered conviviality through, for example, hosting dinners, creating constellations with recycled materials and facilitating conversations on topics that have our concern.

Text by Petra Ponte

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